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Revival ebook & paperback

Tori James awakens from a four-year coma to discover the impossible has happened.


The veil between her world and the Other Realm has faded, leaving magic flowing freely through the everyday lives of normal citizens. Some are unaffected, but others find innate powers awakened by the Unveiling. Tori is one of the latter group—a magician—and must come to terms with the many changes that have occurred: the life she lived in her head for the last four years was a lie; her pre-coma boyfriend is marrying her sister; and oh yeah, she can move stuff, stop time, and generally wreak havoc with her mind.

The combination of her expertise in Classical Languages and her new powers makes her perfect for a team of evil-doers and blackmailed regular Joes, and she must learn to control her magic to help raise a demi-goddess all while trying to fight the plan from the inside.

Along her journey, Tori meets Bennett, a local mage who trains her in magic use, and Killian, a mysterious member of her band of thieves who may be on her side… or maybe not.

With help from her found family, will Tori succeed in stopping the disastrous plan to revive Ophelia, Keeper of the Realm of Lost Souls, or will the world be changed forever, again?

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Unveiled (Books 1 & 2)
on Kindle Vella

"First, I was in a coma for almost five years. Second, my ex was marrying my sister. Third, magic was real."


 Tori James awakens from a four-year coma to discover that the veil between her world and the Other Realm has faded, leaving some people (including her) with the ability to wield magic. While being blackmailed into a disastrous plan, Tori learns the value of found family and trusting herself.

Kindle Vella is a way to read serialized stories
over an extended period – one episode at a time.
The first 10 episodes of every story are
always free - after that, purchase Tokens and
redeem them to unlock episodes.

Unveiled (Books 1 & 2)

Meet The Characters

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Reader Reviews for Revival

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